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Death by Pitbull

Will You Be Next?

If you believe pits are family pets,
you’re placing a life-and-death bet.

Pit bulls kill someone about every two weeks. Half the people they kill are part of the family. Half of those are
children of the family.
Is the pit a good bet?

Pit bulls killed or injured almost 13,000 dogs and cats in 2022.
You are betting your pet is not next.
Is the pit a good bet?

Death by Pitbull exposes the dangers, documents them, and explains how to protect yourself, your family, and your pets. 

It's NOT how you raise them.


Book Card Side 2_It's NOT how you raise them

    Watch our Book Trailer and Informational Video   

Death by Pitbull
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Listen to this audio track introduction of this powerful book.

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